Sep 25, 2011

Here's How To Make Money Online With a Short Link From Bee4.Biz

Have you ever heard site. Do you know him or may have already registered as a member. Maybe you've even making money from this site?.

But ...if you do not already know and are interested in earning money from her, then this information can help you do it. 

What is is a substitute for a link that is used to protect and shorten any URL. Does it link to download video, password or other files. 

Maybe you already frequently use sites that provide service to shorten URLs, referral links which mainly addresses are often written long. 

Compared with similar services at other sites, has an advantage because they pay for its members (owners of the link) that created a short for every link that is opened by visitors.

This is a smart way to make money online. Especially for you who like to share files for free. 

How does it work?

In brief, the money can be generated from them in two ways: 

1. An easier way is to spread the word about to people who may be interested in making money online by writing reviews and earn 10% of each referral that joins through your referral link. 

2. A more difficult but potentially earn more money. Said to be more difficult because of the creativity and need more work to make money. 

This second way requires you to make creative files, such as video, music, text documents or password and upload those files to the forums download sites (eg Rapidshare).

His next URL used to download the file you are protected by the link that you have created in

If someone clicks your link then file is automatically handed a brief survey to be filled by the downloader. Once completed the new redirected to the URL link your file so the download can be continued and your account will be credited for $ 3.

You will be able to make up to $ 3,000 for 1000 download. Think about what file types that are sought after by the people and please create to share it for free.

If you realized how many things that can be distributed for free, and from this process you can really expect to get money from him. I'm doing it and begin to see the light of this business. You can do it.

How to get started 

To start making money in, please register as a member. No need to hesitate, his registration is absolutely free. 

His next start spreading your referral link to find referrals and create a file that may be many in the search by Internet users (eg: videos funny, unique, music, games, password, ebook or wallpaper, etc.) for download. Up-load your files as much as his numerous forums on the site for free download to share. 

They will pay for $ 3 per one link in the open by the downloader and 10% of a referral income without reducing their income. 

Cashout can be done after you earn a minimum of $ 10 via Paypal, Moneybookers and Amazon vouchers.
How? If you are interested click please to join and sign up for free. You know that reading the FAQs and terms of service is the best way to get better information. So do it. 

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  1. Thanks for the nice post.Btw, have you earned some money from this program..? :)


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