Mar 21, 2011

Do You Know How To Get 25 Free Backlinks

Submit your 
content Every Day to 25 social 
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 In this post Smart Bisnis Online wants to share information on an easy way to get backlinks for free to readers. This is not a groundless story, but it is true. You can get 25 free unique and quality backlinks from Sosialmonkee.

For those bloggers who are building and improving PR (pagerangk) web / blog this certainly is good news that should not be wasted. Because the web / blog that Page rank is high chance of bringing a lot of traffic. Because this is the key to monetize web / blog traffic plus the conversion and eventually generate money. Each pen or earn money online business man would realize this principle.

How do I get these backlinks
To get 25 free backlinks you have to sign up first on its website. Please click on this address:, Then fill out the registration form (sign up)
Fill in your name in the boxes First Name, Email address in the email box and password in the password box. Then click Submit Form.
Next you will be at the bottom of the page to enter the identity of the web / blog. Before you perform the above form filling, read the fine or go to the video tutorial below.

If completed Please complete the form controls that are available (all must be completed) then click the Submit button to 25 social sites. Congratulations your website / blog already registered on socialmonkee.

Next please download and install plug ins firefox socialmonkee by clicking the download button, or you can download the plugin at:   and Here is the video step-by-step tutorial on how to install plugins :
In addition to 25 baclink that can get for free, you can even obtain 100 backlinks every day. But this is for those of you who had to upgrade his membership to a premium member by paying $ 47. If a free member submits a URL only one time each day for 25 free backlinks Premium Members can then submit the URL three times each day. Premises so they get 300 backlinks every day. It was incredible and a  greater effect on the increase pagerangk web / blog. For more details, see the following table:
But do not worry for free member because you can automatically upgrade to premium or free when you get 12 people referral. So if you do not want to pay $ 47 just ask friends, acquaintances or anyone else to sign up under your referral. Make it easy. If you need more information please read the FAQ site.
Smart Bisnis Online hope this information is useful to readers and hopefully its efforts earn money on the more successful blogs along with the increasing backlinks to your web / blog.

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